LEAPS – Opening Keynote + Opening Panel

LEAPS – Opening Keynote + Opening Panel Providing remarks and…

August 17, 2022

LEAPS – Opening Keynote + Opening Panel

Providing remarks and the keynote introduction on behalf of his organization, NTT Data, Keith Bryars expressed his gratitude to attendees and NTT Data’s pleasure at being the event underwriter. “The law enforcement community has shown that it is adaptable and resilient, and NTT is proud to be supporting those endeavors,” said Bryars.


Darrin Jones, Executive Assistant Director of the Science and Technology Branch of the FBI, delivered the opening keynote, speaking to the importance of seeking solutions through collective and intentional agency partnerships. “With the rise of various risks and cyber warfare, there’s no way any single agency can pursue and achieve its mission in isolation and expect to be successful,” he said. “A joint effort is required.”


In the world of law enforcement and public safety agencies, Jones said, protecting the American people often hinges on three key issues:


  • Exercising technical discipline and using technology in the most responsible way


  • Participating in technical standards bodies
  • Addressing the issue of limited access to communications, especially when part of an

active investigation


The constant innovation and the emergence of new technology has made it an exciting time for law enforcement and tech agencies – and a challenging one. Every new advancement has the potential to be exploited. Jones said law enforcement agencies and technology companies must work together for the good of American citizens. “We must apply our core values to the development of technology – not the other way around,” he said.


The opening panel considered the evolution of combatting fraud. Akshai Prakash, representing panel sponsor RedHat, introduced the panelists:



  • Carole House- Director for Cybersecurity & Secure Digital Innovation, White House National Security Council
  • Steve D’Antuono- Assistant Director in Charge, Washington Field Office, FBI
  • Roy Dotson- Special Agent in Charge (Acting), USSS National Pandemic Fraud Recovery Coordinator, United States Secret Service
  • Matthew Emrich- Associate Director, Fraud Detection and National Security, USCIS


Moderator Wyatt Kash of Scoop News Group kicked off the session by asking panelists to consider what had been the most stunning example of fraud they’d come across over the past two years. Panelists agreed unanimously that Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and unemployment insurance fraud cases were especially troubling, with several voicing that they’d before never seen anything of this scope in their careers. Specific mention was also made of immigration fraud.



Carole House said stronger vetting processes are needed to reduce fraud. “We’ve seen north of $100 billion in pandemic fraud, according to the latest numbers from the Secret Service. The White House has taken notice, and robust discussion is happening on the measures that are going to be put in place.”


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