LEAPS – Donations + Award

LEAPS – Donations + Award Upon the conclusion of the…

August 17, 2022

LEAPS – Donations + Award

Upon the conclusion of the roundtable discussions, Kathy Cowles returned to the stage where she invited Marcia Ferranto, Chief Executive Officer of the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, to join her. Crediting AFCEA Bethesda members and sponsors for making these donations possible, Kathy presented the organization with a check for $10,000 towards its fund.


“It is absolutely essential,” said Marcia, “To ensure the memorial and museum exist in perpetuity so that none of the lives lost are ever forgotten.”


She further expressed her gratitude at the timeliness of the donation ahead of Police Week—a time when many in law enforcement come to mourn, honor, and celebrate those who have given their lives in the law enforcement profession.


In that same vein, AFCEA Bethesda was honored to next present Chief Tom Manger of the Capitol Police Department with the Lifetime Achievement Award. Since Jan. 6, 2021, Chief Manger has worked tirelessly to improve the organization’s morale, preparedness, and security.


“I was proud to leave retirement to again be a member of the Capital Police Department,” Manger shared. “And I inherited a very good department. Anyone who judges them on January 6th is making a mistake. The men and women there are working to make progress every day and have already gone a long way in implementing improvements.”


In closing, he thanked attendees for the work they do for the security of our nation.


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