LEAPS – Closing Keynote + Conclusion

Closing Keynote + Conclusion Melinda Rodgers, Deputy Assistant Attorney General/CIO…

August 17, 2022

Closing Keynote + Conclusion

Melinda Rodgers, Deputy Assistant Attorney General/CIO of the Department of Justice, gave the closing keynote speech, emphasizing the importance in considering the end-user requirements in keeping citizens safe.

“It is important that we exist to support law enforcement officers,” said Rodgers. “We in IT and cybersecurity can’t just exist as standalone agencies. We’re here to make law enforcement officers’ lives easier and to protect those information systems.”

Kathy Cowles closed the event by noting the chapter’s new focus on Diversity and Inclusion, which has already been demonstrated in the live captioning of all online events. There is also a program in the works to inspire the next generation of young people to join the public service community.

Upcoming AFCEA Bethesda events include:

  • Emerging Leaders Spring Fling- May 19th
  • Data Webinar- June 9th
  • Senior Government Executive Dinner ft. InnovateIT Awards 2022- July 14th

For more information on events, sponsorship, and registration, individuals are encouraged to visit: https://bethesda.afceachapters.org/events/

The day culminated in an informal networking reception, providing an opportunity for reflection and further discussion on the day’s presentations.


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