Engage and Connect Series | Webinar

February 16 @ 8:00 am - 9:30 am

Virtual Event

Dealing with Risk in a Dynamic Digital Environment

At AFCEA Bethesda’s second annual Energy, Infrastructure and Environment Summit, a thematic throughline animated the program: risk. Attendees talked about risk to energy security, cybersecurity, information technology (IT) networks, citizens, […]

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New Fiscal Year, New Government Tech

New Fiscal Year, New Government Tech Congress is allocating billions of dollars in new funding to accelerate the digital transformation of government agencies. It’s a heavy lift, and public-sector leaders […]

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2022 InnovateIT Awards

2022 InnovateIT Awards   InnovateIT Award winners Government Innovation Leader of the Year Mark Oh, Director, Infrastructure and User Services Group, Office of Information Technology Helped to create the Enterprise […]

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LEAPS – Closing Keynote + Conclusion

Closing Keynote + Conclusion Melinda Rodgers, Deputy Assistant Attorney General/CIO of the Department of Justice, gave the closing keynote speech, emphasizing the importance in considering the end-user requirements in keeping […]

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LEAPS – Donations + Award

LEAPS – Donations + Award Upon the conclusion of the roundtable discussions, Kathy Cowles returned to the stage where she invited Marcia Ferranto, Chief Executive Officer of the National Law Enforcement Officers […]

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LEAPS – Roundtables

LEAPS – Roundtables The roundtable portion of the program provided opportunities for robust discussion on topics of interest, led by government leaders and industry facilitators. Nick Holmes provided transition remarks […]

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LEAPS – Intro

LEAPS – Intro Leaders from government and industry convened on May 10, 2022, at the National Press Club for AFCEA Bethesda’s 14th annual Law Enforcement and Public (LEAPS) Technology Forum. […]

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